My Recommendations for Make-Money-At-Home Websites

Hi there! I’m relatively new to this whole making money at home with my computer thing, I remember trying to do it when I was younger and failing miserably at it, and thinking that the whole thing was a scam. 18-year-old me was just going about it all wrong, and I didn’t do my homework before I joined each website. There are truthfully a surprising wealth of no-credit-card-required product evaluations, surveys, small tasks answering questions or matching things online, games, videos, emails, paid-to-click sites and search engines that earn you small amounts each time you use them. The trouble is weeding through the crappy sites to the ones where you get lots of opportunities, a good sign-on bonus, and which have many different options for making money. There are two kinds of these websites, my personal favorite being the ones that pay out in cash. Beware of sites that only pay in points and auctions. I do have a couple accounts where my balance is shown in points rather than cash, but the ones which have made the cut actually pay out in equivalent cash rewards to paypal or amazon at the very least, no points-for-auction-entries sites will ever be listed here, I do not want anyone wasting their time.

I will do my best to use my knowledge and experience on these websites to tell you where to focus your time and energy for maximum output. Even this time around, I have certainly wasted lots of time trying everything out, and I will only put websites here that I have earned at least $25 on in the first two weeks (without too much time input, usually less an hour or two a week). This is no way to get rich, at all, and I don’t intend for anyone to think I’m saying this will replace a regular income, at least not right away. For those of us with severe brain fog, pain, or other symptoms which make it very difficult to work a normal job, it is something. And it is kind of fun, too. Not to mention good practice for typing, being aware and mindful of your surroundings, and especially it will help you build organizational skills if you go about it right.

Going about it right for me meant that since my memory is mostly useless, I downloaded an awesome app called ToDoist, to keep track of all my lists upon lists upon lists. My post, Chronic Pain Toolkit: Using a To-Do List App to Improve Organization, discusses how to increase productivity using free technology when you have chronic illness. In my case it’s literally using technology instead of my brain, since I have the short term memory and focus of a puppy on a walk.

In an effort for transparency and full disclosure, I do sometimes earn credit when you use the links below to sign up. I don’t make much, at the very most $1 for each time someone signs up via one of the links below and confirms their email with the site. Some sites will instead send me 10% of the amount you cash out each time, so if you were to cash out $25 (the average minimum cash out on most sites) for example, some websites would also deposit $2.50 into my account when you do so. It’s a win-win! You will be able to make the same referral money once you are a part of each website, so the earning power with these websites improves the longer you use your account and the more you refer others to join!

I will keep adding more websites after I successfully cash out at least once from each. I am currently earning on eight websites so far, which means that even if I just make $25 every two weeks on each site, I will have earned $400 by this time next month. Which is crazy to think about because that’s what I was making when I still qualified for unemployment. Although I know it’s next to nothing, and nowhere close to what a full time job brings in, it means everything to me to bring in something at all for the first time in over a year.

Each link should open in a new window or tab when you click it, and they are all totally free to sign up for. Most actually pay you to sign up and confirm your account via email! If there is a sign-up bonus I will try to note it next to each link. Often times there is an additional bonus for filling out simple profile information that helps you pre-qualify for surveys and tasks on each website.

Before you start, my three key points of advice are:

  1. get a To-Do List App or at least keep a word document,
  2. take screenshots of your confirmation pages when you complete offers
  3. definitely make a new email address so your regular inbox doesn’t become spam city!


 My Favorite Sites for Making Extra Cash Online

ebates_logo If you aren’t using eBates, it’s like throwing money away! I cannot say enough great things about my membership with eBates, and it’s free, for some crazy reason! In fact they are always offering extra deals to add even more money into your account, and they pay very quickly and directly by check or paypal. I never shop at my favorite stores without checking my eBates account. There is also an extension for chrome that allows me to see as I shop if there is cash back offered through eBates, and I can activate my cash back benefits by simply pressing the icon, no going to a separate website and logging in first. They make saving on everyday purchases brainless, by bringing together all the best deals and coupons on the web, plus exclusive deals offered only to eBates members, from an enormous array of stores, all offering cash back ranging from 1-15% on everyday purchases online. When my boyfriend signed up for an account, they deposited $5 into my account within a day of him using his for the first time! Nifty! The best part though, if you’re a deal-hound like I am, is that you can still use all the coupon codes and sales you can find, and earn cash back on whatever credit card you are using, as well as earn cash back from eBates at the same time. I bought ink from, got 12% cash back, used a 15% discount code, got free shipping, and also managed to get paid $10.00 by InboxDollars (below) just for making a purchase on the website. My ink was less than half price by the time I was done!

To make ebates even better, they sent me and my boyfriend each a $10 thank you card to Walmart just for signing up, plus I just got my $50 deposited for having two people sign up and use their accounts for the first time! Thanks so much for the free $125 so far, eBates! This time around if you sign up three people, you get $75 in the form of a check or direct deposit to paypal. It is really easy to get people to sign up because it is both a valuable service, and a free one too. It is absolutely user-friendly, especially with their chrome app so you can activate your cash back without first going directly to This is just a great rewards system, all around.

2015-02-07 11.16.58

Amazon Mom Referral Program: sign up to save 20% on diapers and so much more!!! If you have kids or even if you don’t and you just want good deals on household items, try Amazon Mom out and enjoy 20% off diapers and much more, plus huge Subscribe and Save bonuses on all kinds of children’s products. This is an awesome program that I cannot imagine living without. Even though I don’t have kids, I do love to help my friends save money and often buy stuff for them using Amazon Mom and have it shipped to their house. I also have an addiction to buying cute baby clothes and toys for my friends’ kids, and this lets me affordably continue to send people fun stuff even though I’m broke! With Amazon Mom monthly coupons (which are outrageously valuable), I bought my friend’s family a pack of size 5 Huggies Naturals 108ct, for less than $15!!!!!! They were were originally $48, so that is a huge, huge deal, and now the friend I bought them for was able to use my referral link, sign up, and then buy another huge box of Huggies for 70% off. I also bought her an $80 pack of chlorine free Earth’s Best diapers to try out (120 ct), for $30. Awesome! I saved so much more money than I thought I was going to that I ended up buying her son clothes and toys with the money I saved.


234x60_2 Inbox Dollars is one of my new favorite websites, there is a $5 sign on bonus, the site layout is incredibly easy to navigate, there is new stuff every day, and it lets you get a little competitive with yourself by trying to achieve better and better rankings and check items off of lists. Make an extra $0.50 for completing your profile information once you join. I have actually made the most money on this site so far, and I haven’t at all exhausted the opportunities for making more. The referral program also offers 10% of what your referrals cash out each month. When you cash out, this website actually adds another $5 total back into your account if you take the short post-cashout survey that they offer!

 FusionCash is the first site I started out on, and they have a $5 sign up bonus once you confirm your email address. $5 is the max amount I have found any site to pay out just for registering. It’s a really great way to get used to all that is out there in terms of variety of ways to earn money online, plus the cash stacks up pretty fast! They pay via check or paypal, both of which are great options considering that many sites only pay in gift cards. In addition, FusionCash has partnerships with many survey companies so you can qualify to take a huge variety of them each day. I have managed to earn quite a bit of spare money without too much effort, and without ever using my credit card. The referral bonuses here are hands down the best of any earnings website I have tried so far! Check this one out first to see if this is for you, and always read the fine print of each offer to make sure that you aren’t signing up for a bunch of extra stuff that isn’t required to get paid for each offer. They also approve most offers very quickly compared to other websites. Enjoy!

21465-125x104 InboxPays has been really good to me since I joined. I haven’t spent nearly as much time on it as other websites, and it has been very easy to make money, often cases more than other websites offer for the same surveys and tasks. There is a $5 sign on bonus, and when you refer friends, you make 10% of their earning when they cash out, for as long as they keep their account.

7319_250x250 Shopping Jobs featuring a $3 sign on bonus, easy surveys and product offers as well as opportunities to make money as a shadow shopper for local supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, and even departments stores. Some of them don’t even require you to leave the house to complete shadow shopper requirements, such as for pizza delivery services, or online services.

Panda Research Group Panda Research has a $3 sign on bonus and referral program to maximize cash, but it’s the sheer number of available surveys on this site that impresses me. Tons of opportunities to take surveys that actually pay you well for your time. I made $40 in a day on that one my second week on the site!


Happy earnings, everyone! Let me know how you’ve been doing in the comments section, or ask me anything you want to know about getting started, I’m happy to help!


8 responses to “My Recommendations for Make-Money-At-Home Websites”

  1. how to making money says :

    What’s up everyone, it’s my first pay a visit at this web site, and article is genuinely fruitful designed for me, keep
    up posting these articles.


  2. mysofteyes says :

    Please tell me how I can sign up so you get the referral. All the best to you and all you love…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessi Finds Out Fibro says :

      Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. I really appreciate it! I hope all the best for you as well.
      Clicking on any of the pictures or links at the beginning of each paragraph will take you to the site and the urls are embedding with my referral code so I get credit that way. Thank you again for your interest in helping! ❤


  3. Fibro Chick says :

    Hi, does all this apply to the UK? Or are the surveys etc all US based? Thanks, A. X


    • Jessi Finds Out Fibro says :

      you know, I’m in the US, and I haven’t been paying attention to the specific sites, although a lot of them are in multiple languages which would lead me to believe they do work in the UK as well, but I’m not sure. I’m sorry I don’t have a more concrete answer for you. Something to consider since you’re a blogger would be affiliating yourself with a company you really like in order to get free goodies to review from the company and to earn a percentage of sales that you refer to the websites via your blog. I haven’t gotten too far into that yet but I’m gonna have to learn here because being so broke I can’t afford my medications or food is just not fun anymore!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Fibro Chick says :

    Thanks, Jessi. How would I go about affiliating myself to a company? I would happily accept freebies from mentioning or linking to various supplement sites! X


  5. Fibro Chick says :

    Ah-ha! I too have a referral code for one of my supplement sites… I just copy paste my referral page in my blogs/pages? X


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