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I have a confession, you guys:

I’m not proud of my addiction, but none-the-less, over five thousand people have chosen to enable my habit by following my Pinterest account, which I feel is basically a haphazard repository of my soul; the old me and the new me un-self-consciously coexist there, pinning images about chronic illness, gardening, art, preserving food, DIY beauty and health, style and materialism, homesteading, body image, a highly anticipated and hoped for future kiddo, and all my other dreams, projects, and ambitions.

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I have over 30,000 pins since joining in 2011. Yes, I am ashamed! Yes, I know how much could I have actually accomplished in that time! A lot, probably, But when my brain was nothing but a pile of mush for over two years, Pinterest actually helped me live slightly more in the moment, it helped me make new connections in my mind and learn new skills, as well as taught me to dream about things beyond this second and the severe pain I feel. Pinterest in all it’s soul-sucking glory has been incredibly inspirational, and allowed me to feel like I am still putting creative energy out into the universe even when I don’t have the brain power or the physical ability to begin a craft or art project.

More importantly now, it has allowed me to visually document ideas for the future, get ideas for blog posts, and learn how to make pretty much anything from scratch! Recently I have slowed down my pinning, and now spend more time making sure links actually work and deleting ugly dresses on my street style board. But I am still very active there and will remain so as long as it is even a mild creative outlet for me during my worst times. I refer to it often for herbal remedies, recipes, DIY project advice, and just for the sake of aesthetic beauty in general. I cannot count the number of times I have tried my hand at various pinterest projects, not always successfully, either! 🙂

Funny though it sounds, looking at other artists’ work, finding new bloggers to follow, and meeting so many other chronically ill people on Pinterest gave me the confidence to start dreaming in color again before I even had the blog; to visualize future art projects, to not be afraid of new symptoms, to think of small business ideas, and to start my new life as a blogger, an artist, and a whole, happier human being in the face of chronic illness. Not that the site did anything for me that I couldn’t have done on my own with more effort, just that I was enjoying the company of others again, using technology as a tool for reaching out to people with similar interests at a time when words were failing me.

If you’ve got lots of time to spare, can’t find the words to express how your chronic illness has effected your life, are lacking in inspiration for a project or event, or if you want to know what to do with something instead of throwing it in a landfill, come on over to the Pinterest darkside, and don’t forget to follow me while you’re at it! Please don’t hesitate to say hi while you’re over there.

If you have a post with an image that you think would drive traffic to your site, I am happy to pin any of my fellow bloggers’ work to my Chronic Illness board, which has many, many more followers than this blog! Just drop me a comment below and a link to the post and the picture you feel will help bring people to your website. I’m happy to do multiple pins for blogs too! I know how helpful it can be to have a few links to your blog circulating around Pinterest. Wouldn’t it be nice if pinning was a job? Seriously, I would rock the hell out of that for a company’s social media department!

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About Jessi Finds Out Fibro

Hi, and thank you for finding your way to my corner of the web! I'm on a journey to empower myself and hopefully others through shared courage and compassion. I write Finding Out Fibro, a chronic illness and chronic pain awareness blog that is not just about fibromyalgia, as well as my main passion and only employment, making jewelry and selling gems and crystals under the Etsy shop name MineralismCrystals. Please check me out at the following URL: and share if you can! Thank you for your support! My other hobbies include defeating ableism where I find it, upcycling old junk into funky awesomeness, raising my voice to combat stigma against invisible illness and mental illness, baking and collecting vintage kitchen ware, sharing body-positive messages, playing around in photoshop, abstract painting (especially in neons and metallics!), advocating for those living with chronic illnesses and mental health challenges, seeking safety and upholding visibility for LGBTQIA+ individuals, especially those of us living with physical and mental disabilities. This is my opportunity to do more than just survive with chronic illness. This is me learning how to live well, even though there is no cure for the war my body is waging on me.

5 responses to “Follow me to Pinterest!”

  1. merbear74 says :

    I just started there…it is addicting! I followed you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessi Finds Out Fibro says :

      🙂 I will find you and follow as well! Crazy thing is, though it was just a way to distract myself, now having all those followers has made it so most of my visitors are coming directly from pins on pinterest. I am responsible about it, I don’t spam people with my stuff, I just tuck it in with everything else when I can remember to do so. Welcome to pinterest, I hope you love it there and get lots of enjoyment. I saw your pro-legalization memes the other day and enjoyed them IMMENSELY. Had to save most of them to my computer for later giggles. 😀 It’s totally legal for everyone 21+ in Oregon as of July! Business potentials for many a disabled/chronically ill person! I am so excited to see the money it pumps back into our battered school system!!!


  2. abodyofhope says :

    Girl, how did you get so many followers?! Wow! That’s awesome 🙂 You have quite a large following to be proud of.

    I agree that Pinterest is wonderful when there is hardly any brain activity. If I’m pinning, I’m pretty much barely able to see or think and my head pain is at its absolute worst. Pretty much, pinning means hospital level. So Pinterest is like my online nurse, lol.

    Awesome new button you have there. I’m totally jelly! 😉


    • Jessi Finds Out Fibro says :

      “Pretty much, pinning means hospital level.”
      Holy crap, yes, now yes it does. I used to sit around pinning right before bed to unwind when I was still able to work, but now it’s an emergency go-to distraction that actually works with my pain-heightened ADHD, not against it! The only other distractions I actually can benefit from are cartoons I have seen before, so I don’t get frustrated at my inability to understand it, or having to have the volume off, or my eyes closed. Futurama, King of the Hill, Adveture Time, The Adventures of Gumball, etc. Love that stuff. But I haven’t watched a movie straight through in… years!!! I don’t know if that’s a pain thing or an ADHD thing, or it stems from not having the energy to expend on new characters and plots, something I never thought about, but is super common with CFS/ME.
      The followers I ended up with were pure freaking accident, and I guess accepting invitations to pin on other people’s boards really paid off in the beginning. Some of the ways Pinterest used to be set up showed you the person who had pinned it before the person you pinned it from, as a popup window, and many followers happened during the two months or so they had that system. I have had that stupid account since 2010 or 2011, I can’t remember, but since it was in it’s beginning stages. Some of the people that had 5,000 followers when I started have millions now. It’s crazy. For businesses and advertisers, it’s a useful marketing strategy that if you are consistent about mixing content from elsewhere with your own stuff, can really rake in the customers. Of course I didn’t join thinking any of that stuff, I have just always been an image-whore! But now starting a business I’m like “hey, this could really pay off in a few months, finally!” 🙂
      I can give you the code for the button, you just replace the end of the destination url with your pinterest username, and you can save the actual picture of the button from my page, so you can upload to your account, then go back to the source code with the imager url WordPress assigns it on your account, and replace the image url that I was using. Then you go to widgets and find the one that says “Text” and you can enter arbitrary html into that widget and it will show up, unless it’s a link to something WordPress doesn’t allow (like an awesome live feed of my most recent pinterest finds, like the one I have on my (mostly defunct) art collective’s website. Paste the code into the Text box, and make sure the widget does not have a name. Once you have the source code in the Text Widget and enable it in the customizer, then order it how you want in your sidebar or footer widget area. I’m sorry, that was a truly bad explanation. I’d be happy to chat you through adding it while on FB or google messenger or something. let me know where you want me to send the source code for the button to. or if you just want me to paste it into a comment below, I can do that! love you, gonna go zone out, hopefully getting this logo finished and pretty for the new little business. ❤ Need to lie down, mega dizzy. Tried to eat healthy (delicious antioxidant pure fruit smoothie) and it made me feel super sick, as usual. Grr, stupid body. Even drank a bunch of water with it to ease the stress of digesting that much fruit at once. On the upside, I get to test drive the anti-nausea lipbalm I just made. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • abodyofhope says :

        I love that you are so into those shows. You are so adorable sometimes, I just want to put you in my pocket!
        And simultaneously, you are so wise and elegant ❤

        I'm sorry your GI issues are so frustrating. I feel like people with ME have a lot in common with POTS people. I'm new to having POTS, but that's just an observation.

        Your cosmetics line sounds delicious!

        I hope your weekend isn't too symptomatic. Sending soft, pain free hugs.

        Liked by 1 person

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