Minor Cat-astrophe

Yesterday our huge orange cat, Simba, had a lump on his chin at breakfast that hadn’t been there the night before. I’m one of those people who believes that you shouldn’t even have pets if you can’t afford and aren’t willing to take them to the doctor when you’d want to go to the doctor. So in that spirit we even have pet insurance for the spoiled little dude. It’s cheap and saves us tons of money though in the long run, but yesterday’s all-day vet visit still managed to cost us $230, even with a big discount. Ouch. I had to cancel my appointment to get my cavities taken care of today because that was all the money I had set aside. Ouch again. With no actual answers given until Wednesday when the pathology report comes back.

2014-06-17 13.19.54

We are really hoping it’s an allergic reaction to putting coconut oil in his food to try to mitigate the skin problems he’s been having. He’s a finicky beast and requires filtered water to combat his propensity to form crystals in his urine, a serious, serious problem for male cats especially, that can take a healthy animal down in a matter of 48 hours if you aren’t paying attention to the warning signs. He got so neurotic for a while that we had to buy that calming cat spray and covered our entire house and furniture in it, as well as using the wall outlet system and Bach’s Rescue Remedy for pets. Plus, he somehow gained three and a half pounds even though he’s been on a strict diet since his last teeth cleaning.

2014-08-01 21.53.12

We now officially own a twenty pound beast of an orange fuzzy cat. His favorite thing is being carried around, often like a baby. He doesn’t even realize that he can jump on the counters, he’s easy on most of our furniture and usually only goes after plastic bags and cardboard boxes, and he sleeps on our bed with us every night after a round of running screaming his head off around the house.

My boyfriend found him underneath a truck in the rain outside my old apartment while we were newly dating. When I came home from work he was just leaning against my building, holding this wet, skinny kitten, totally torn as to whether or not we should feed him and bring him inside. Obviously, we brought him inside, and obviously we fed him, probably a little too much


The little orange fuzzball pretty much stole our hearts from the first hour we had him.


We definitely love Simba, and it was super weird having an empty house yesterday. I worried about him all day while he was at the vet because we just had to drop him off in the morning when we noticed the lump. He’s now 6 years old and getting to that age when lumps and bumps scare me a lot more. I’m pretty embarrassed about the weight gain too, because we shell out for Solid Gold cat food that costs an arm and a leg. I guess at least now I know that our no treats, 1/4 cup of food twice a day regimen isn’t working for our fat cat. His metabolism is apparently slowing down a bit. Time to add a lot more fiber into his diet. Twenty pounds!!! Geez. He’s still a handsome boy to me, though!

2014-07-31 10.26.21

And so charismatic. He had all the girls in the vet office loving on him when we picked him up. He greets all of our visitors as soon as they show up, even when he’s been asleep the entire day. It’s hilarious how he hears the voice of one of our friends, any friend, and comes running, like the official welcome committee. He lets the little three year old girl downstairs pull his tail and pet his fur the wrong way and never so much as hisses (don’t worry, I rescue him from that situation if it gets un-fun for him!). He’s just extremely unique and tolerant. We couldn’t have ended up with a better, sweeter, fatter cat.

2014-06-10 21.14.00

Sorry, I know this was a post about our cat and not chronic illness, but it took up my entire day yesterday and is making me all nervous still until we get the pathology report back on that damn lump.

It made me realize that I am so unprepared to have sick kids…. holy crap, I will feel so terrible for them and so helpless. I really admire parents who have kids with chronic illnesses. I can’t even imagine how hard that would be. ❤

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Hi, and thank you for finding your way to my corner of the web! I'm on a journey to empower myself and hopefully others through shared courage and compassion. I write Finding Out Fibro, a chronic illness and chronic pain awareness blog that is not just about fibromyalgia, as well as my main passion and only employment, making jewelry and selling gems and crystals under the Etsy shop name MineralismCrystals. Please check me out at the following URL: mineralismcrystals.etsy.com/ and share if you can! Thank you for your support! My other hobbies include defeating ableism where I find it, upcycling old junk into funky awesomeness, raising my voice to combat stigma against invisible illness and mental illness, baking and collecting vintage kitchen ware, sharing body-positive messages, playing around in photoshop, abstract painting (especially in neons and metallics!), advocating for those living with chronic illnesses and mental health challenges, seeking safety and upholding visibility for LGBTQIA+ individuals, especially those of us living with physical and mental disabilities. This is my opportunity to do more than just survive with chronic illness. This is me learning how to live well, even though there is no cure for the war my body is waging on me.

9 responses to “Minor Cat-astrophe”

  1. mysticallunarose says :

    I hope the bump is a harmless reaction to something as you mentioned. My thoughts are with you and your lil furry, fluffy friend.

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  2. escharae says :

    He’s so adorable. I hope he gets well.

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  3. abodyofhope says :

    I hope everything comes back fine. That’s a big kitty! So sweet that he brought you and your bf closer together. I love that story 🙂 Don’t we all love hearing each other talk about our pets? I especially loved that picture of the cat under his pillow. So cute. And you are so beautiful giving your kitty kisses ❤ Guess where I am reading and replying from? Bloglovin'. That's right. Found you there 🙂
    I know you love your little furbaby and are anxious for the test results. You do everything to make sure he's taken care of as best as possible. After the life he had before you found him, he is in kitty heaven with you guys ❤ ❤

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    • Jessi Finds Out Fibro says :

      Aww, yeah, animals make it so much better. I think we love to hear about each other’s experiences with pets because it shows a side of people that is unscripted, raw, and in the moment. Animals bring that out in us all. Nature does too, but pets are always there and nature sometimes seems so far away. I am my best self with my cat, the kind of person I hope I can be for my child in the future. Not that I treat my cat like a child, although, yeah, we kind of do…. just that I never yell, I never get upset, I never do anything that is not in love around Simba, and I hope I’m able to be that way with my child too!
      Still no test results, but his doctor is in tomorrow and we will bring him back for a follow up to find out what they said. I am crossing my fingers for some good news, the lump is much smaller now, they shaved it so we could keep an eye on it, which makes him look really odd, lol. Silly kitten. He was so drunk and ridiculous when we go him home, and hilariously we left the box we took him to the vet in on the floor and he ended up spending the rest of the night in there even though trying to make him go in the box earlier left me bloody and in need of salve.
      I need to go back on Bloglovin… I got all excited about it and then kind of fell off as soon as I started working on the make-money-from-home websites and trying to get this little tiny business venture off the ground. Oh well, I can only do so much and I am already doing so much more than I thought I could! Hooray for surprising myself! Isn’t is awesome when that happens?
      I hope Simba is happy here, we do our best. My boyfriend is a huge softy when it comes to that big cat. The pictures of him in a chair with baby Simba on his shoulder are the week we found the poor little guy outside and when I took those pictures I decided right then in my heart that he was staying with us no matter what, and that he was a part of our little family now. Funny how that happens. And Chris and I weren’t even living together at that time (although we never spent a night apart once we started dating until this last year when he stayed overnight at the hospital after his last hip surgery and even though I regret it, it was necessary so that I could stock up that extra energy for taking care of him while he recovered). It didn’t take long after that for us to decide it was easier to just already be in the same place every night than switch apartments constantly all the way across town from each other. Chris named him that night too. 😀
      Thank you for the compliment, I normally can’t stand pictures of myself because I’m self conscious about all the extra weight I’ve put on, but with this one I kind of don’t care as much, it shows that other kind of beauty I’m learning how to appreciate, the standpoint from which I think any photo of any friend is beautiful because I cherish seeing their face, not because their features are symmetrical or they have razor sharp cheekbones or almond shaped eyes, but because I love that person and I love getting a glimpse into the everyday. Dude, it’s hard to not be hard on myself for appearances… Even though I preach body acceptance, I struggle with it a lot! But struggling with it doesn’t mean it wins. This time I win. Hah. (It’s still obviously difficult for me to take a compliment though… I still feel like I have to apologize for thanking someone… not sure what that comes from or what logic… whatever). The point is, thank you! 😀
      ❤ ❤ ❤
      Love you dear, I have yet to reply to your post this morning, but I will, and in the mean time, please know it was beautiful, and I have so much to reflect on now because of you. You've always got so much to teach me.

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      • abodyofhope says :

        I just had to tell you that as I’m reading your reply, my mom is messaging me that she got a cat! No joke. And my family has not had a family pet in several years, so it’s pretty surprising- and a coincidence that I’m also reading about your cat at the same time, don’t you think?
        Yes, I agree that sometimes we can believe in something, yet have a difficult time putting it into practice. That angel/devil bit going on. That’s ok, I think. Better to put up the fight than not at all. Being self aware isn’t easy. You are doing so much growing, stretching, learning, and TEACHING!!!
        Talk about rebuilding. You are wonderful.
        And please don’t ever stress about responding to me. It’s all good ❤ ❤

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  4. abodyofhope says :

    Just wanted to check on you and your pretty kitty. Hope things are going better ❤ ❤ Soft hugs.

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    • Jessi Finds Out Fibro says :

      My 20lb beastie is doing great! ❤ His lump even mostly disappeared, and his test came back negative for anything cancerous or infectious, so we are relieved!
      I know I haven't been keeping up on here, I have been trying to make sure I can still see my psychiatrist and my same primary care doc and trying to get an appeal approved to stay on my mom's health insurance for another year even though I turn 26 tomorrow and lose coverage through her, if they don't grant it. I really hope they approve my appeal, I literally do not know what i will do without it, because Fibromyalgia is not a covered condition under the Oregon Health Plan, which is the one I qualify for as someone with no income. So I qualify for free health insurance, but it is basically useless to me because my primary condition is fibro and everything else is related to that. Ugh. Ugh. UGH. And I would no longer be able to go to the Oregon Health and Science University, which is the only place where I can be even a little bit understood by much more enlightened doctors than anywhere else in Portland. I'm crossing my fingers that the appeal is granted!!!!!!
      Thank you for your love and support dear. *soft hugs*
      Slowly things are starting to right themselves, I think. At least so far. I just knocked on my table in case!
      ❤ ❤ ❤ sending lots of love and spoons your way


      • abodyofhope says :

        I’m glad to hear you cat is doing well, and that’s one load off your mind. However, it sounds like you have a huge weight on you still up in the air. So much out of your control- and so important. I can only imagine that your stress and pain is off the charts because of this.
        I hope next we talk you have more answers.
        Concerned for you, sweetie. Wish there were something I could do. I’ll say a pray for you.
        Give that kitty a cuddle. Big hugs your way. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jessi Finds Out Fibro says :

          Aw, you’re too sweet, it’s a lot of stress, but it will get resolved. It would all be so much easier if one person in particular would tell me it will be okay, that we will get through it no matter what, but in the mean time, I will keep reassuring myself.
          Answers are definitely needed, but I really only want them if they’re good! ;D
          I had two really good doctor visits this week, but sadly, two doctor visits is at least one too many in a week. plus we had friends over with their six month old and the wound is pretty raw there, but I tried to just live in the moment and enjoy his little giggles and big hand squeezes and not let that green jealousy monster take over at any point. I am so, so worn out, though!
          I’m starting to think that if life is just going to be bouncing around from one crisis to the next, I’m gonna need to get better at seizing the tiniest opportunity to live in between. Thank you for all your concern and love, pretty girl. ❤ I have been thinking about you a lot, about how much you have gone through in your life and how many lives you have changed for the better, because of what has happened to you. I wish that you were not suffering, that none of your plans had to change. I just want you to know that you are helping so many others grow into themselves as kind, loving, ethical, and grounded people. You are shedding light on issues that make people feel so alone, so broken, and so ashamed. For all that I wish you did not have to suffer, I want you to know that you are changing lives every day, every time someone reads your words. It's no comfort, really, but it is a testament to the kind of wonderful, rare person that you are. This is certainly not the end of your story or your dreams or plans. Just a layover, not the destination. ❤ ❤ ❤
          We are stuck in the same airport and I'm happy for that bit of luck amidst all the bad. There is no one else I would rather be fighting Chronic Pain with than you, my dear.


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