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I just posted a new page listing all of the successful earn-money-at-home websites I am a member of so far! Here’s the first portion, but head over to the actual page for the list of websites with links taking you to the sign up page for each.

click here to skip to the new page: My Recommendations for Make-Money-At-Home Websites

I’m relatively new to this whole making money at home with my computer thing, I remember trying to do it when I was younger and failing miserably at it, and thinking that the whole thing was a scam. 18-year-old me was just going about it all wrong, and I didn’t do my homework before I joined websites. There are a surprising array of no-credit-card-required product evaluations, surveys, small tasks answering questions or matching things online, games, videos, emails, paid-to-click sites and search engines that earn you points while you use them. The trouble is weeding through the crappy sites to the ones where you get lots of opportunities, a good sign-on bonus, and which have many different options for making money. There are two kinds of these websites, my personal favorite being the ones that pay out in cash. Beware of sites that only pay in points and auctions. I do have a couple accounts where my balance is shown in points rather than cash, but the ones which have made the cut actually pay out in equivalent cash rewards to paypal or amazon at the very least, no points-for-auction-entries sites will ever be listed here, I do not want anyone wasting their time.

I will do my best to use my knowledge and experience on these websites to tell you where to focus your time and energy for maximum output. Even this time around, I have certainly wasted lots of time trying everything out, and I will only put websites down here that I have earned at least $25 on in the first two weeks. Coming soon, I will take screenshots and pictures to prove my income from these sites. This is no way to get rich, for sure, but for those of us with severe brain fog, pain, or other symptoms which make it very difficult to work a normal job, it is something. And it is kind of fun, too. For those like me who are often unable to leave the house because of illness or pain, earning money on these free websites is good practice for typing, being aware and mindful of your surroundings, and especially it helps build organizational skills if you go about it right.

By going about it right, for me that meant that since my memory is mostly useless, I downloaded an awesome app called ToDoist, to keep track of all my lists upon lists upon lists. My last post, Chronic Pain Toolkit: Using a To-Do List App to Improve Organization, discusses how I use technology to increase my productivity with chronic illness.

I’m using the money I earn from these online endeavors to purchase all the needed materials, licensing, and equipment needed to start my new small business venture with a dear friend. The business is kind of a secret still, but I’m keeping track of all my progress on the same app, Todoist, as we develop products and test them over a series of months. The Blog/Website for our cute little chronically-ill-friendly business will be coming soon when I get a chance to spend some time on it! In the mean time, since my business partner and I both cannot work a traditional 9-5 job right now and we haven’t been employed for a while, we needed start up cash and I thought maybe this would be a good idea to get us closer. I was right!


via My Recommendations for Make-Money-At-Home Websites | Finding Out Fibro.

This is a new adventure for me, but as soon as I started making money at it, I couldn’t stop thinking of all the people I know who are stuck with part time or no work at all, and I wanted to share this thing I’m doing with all of you who would benefit from it most.

Taking surveys and doing small tasks online distracts me from pain, but above all it is something that I can put away whenever my pain is too overwhelming to read or focus.

I also made a separate page that collects all of my current posts and the many, many future posts I have planned for my Chronic Pain Toolkit series. I want to work on the Toolkit as often as possible in the coming year and am excited to commit to writing more empowering posts.

2104 has passed me in a total haze, or I have passed it, either way. I will not be sad to see it go it because I honestly don’t remember most of it. Funny how our brains protect us from remembering the very worst pains.

The next year will not be merely survived. In 2015 I am determined to get back to the business of thriving again. Yet, I know that even if I find myself only barely hanging on again, I will try to stay happy with myself no matter what. Even just surviving with a major chronic illness or a handful of them, is a victory, and a big one. Some days it might be hard to remember why we are here, especially in the depths of pain, exhaustion and illness. We can lose sight of the next day and the day after that, and the simple promises held therein. It’s not hard to do. Hanging on through the worst times, this is no small achievement! Let’s take a second to congratulate ourselves on that! In the end, no matter what attitude we have about leaving 2014 behind, we are all wiser for having gotten through it. Some of us are also stronger. Some of us are feeling defeated, guilty, or shattered. But we are all still here.

I for one am actually (dare I say it) hopeful for the first time in years about my future. Nervous, nails bitten down all the way, unable to imagine what the future will hold, but excited and hopeful too. I’m not used to having anything that is actually important to me to show for myself at the end of each year, but this year my mental health is very important to me, and I have seen some small but important changes taking place there which I cannot help but be overjoyed by.

I hope 2015 brings you all much to be joyful about, and I cannot thank my friends and readers enough for your support, kindness, and the warmth you have infused into my world! ❤

Let’s get this started, 2015.

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  1. Moongazer says :

    I used to use a couple of sites doing surveys. Advertising research usually. It took a while to build up the points and they paid in shopping vouchers which were handy come xmas. Even an extra £20 is helpful. But I had forgotten all about them. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

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